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Classic looking, city bike with 7-speeds. Tires Schwalbe Road Cruiser Light brown with reflex ring and a flat handlebar make for a quick but comfortable ride. This bike is available in four colors and comes with mudguards, racks, hub dynamo & lights.

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Product Description

Πλαίσιο Steel Aero Mixte
Πιρούνι Unicrown Aero Bent
Μετάδοση Shimano 7-speed chain
Ζάντες Alu hollow chamber YAK19, black
Hubs front: Shimano hub dynamo, black
rear: coaster brake hub or idle
Ελαστικά Schwalbe Road Cruiser Light
brown with reflex ring
Φρένα front: Alu V-brakes
rear: aluminum V-brake
Φωτισμός front: chrome retro, switch
rear: AXA Spark LED luggage carrier, parking light
Χρώμα Γαλάζιο || Κόκκινο || Λευκό|| Μαύρο

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Κόκκινο, Λευκό, Μαύρο, Μπλέ