• Tenant is required to make good use of the rented bike and accessories and to respect the security instructions and the traffic laws.
  • Prior to receive the bike and the accessories, the tenant has checked out the general condition (cleanliness, basket, anti-theft, saddle, etc ) and in particular the safety parts (brakes, lighting, bell). The tenant is required to report to the lessor any damage or dysfunctions of the bike and the accessories before signing the agreement. These remarks are reported in the agreement. No further claims will be accepted; bike and accessories will be considered to be in perfect condition when rented.
  • Failure to return the bike within 24 hours after the scheduled date and time, the deposit will be collected.


  • The tenant will be held responsible for all damage of the bike and the accessories during the rental period, whether he is or not the author.
  • In the event of material damage, the tenant will be required to pay the value of the damaged spare part, as if it was new, together with the labour cost. This price is displayed in the producer’s retail pricelist. The labour cost is displayed in the shop.
  • The bike and accessories are rented in good condition of cleanliness. The tenant has to give them back in the same condition, unless the weather is bad. Otherwise a cleaning may be charged according to the prices displayed in the shop.


  • The tenant is responsible for the use of the bike throughout the rental period.
  • In this respect, the tenant is responsible for any body and material damage suffered or caused to third parties whether he is or not the author.


  • Insurance is provided with the rented bikes and accessories.
  • There is no Lessor’s liability, apart from the one covered by insurance contract.


  • For any dispute arising of the rental, the courts of Thessaloniki have exclusive jurisdiction. The Greek law shall be applied to the dispute, and in any case that it is not mentioned here, the relevant provisions of the Greek Civil Code are in force.