What do I need to bring in order to rent a bike?

There are different rental options: For hourly rentals an official document is required, such as Identification Card (ID), Passport or driving license. In case of long term rentals (rentals more than a day) with a maximum rental period of two months a refundable deposit is being held. The amount of the deposit is €150/per bike and is payable either by cash or by pre-authorization via your credit or debit card. The amount is being released after the rental period ends. In both cases, an application form is filled and singed by the renter and us.

What kind of bike shall I rent?

This depends on your riding plan. If you’d like to cycle the city, we suggest choosing from our city bikes fleet. Comfortable and easy to ride, specially designed for city’s explorations. City Bikes are designed to position your body in a straight posture, which gives an extra safety view over the cars. In case your plan includes out-city’s cycling, we recommend one of our Trekking bikes. Fully equipped bikes (hub dynamo, fork suspension, seat suspension, gel saddle, anti-puncture compound tires) with sport design and wide range of gears will make your ride pleasant, fast and easy. In addition folding bikes are available. Ideal for city due to their extra flexibility, easy transfer and super comfortability in storage inside buildings, apartments, stores and any other small spaces.

For long term rentals, where shall I park the bike during the night hours?

During the nights, we strongly recommend that you hold the bikes in an interior space, either this could be an apartment or a hotel parking. Sadly to admit, our city is not safe for parking your bikes outside during night hours!

Delivery / Collect in/from the airport or hotel.

Rental bikes could be delivered and collected from airport or hotel entrance upon earlier agreement and reservation. You may contact us directly by phone: +30 2314035128 or via e-mail: info@city-bikes.gr